There are two reasons why Mrs. Kulwinder Chahal and her husband decided to name their Indian Restaurant “Maharajah”.

The first one is historical and refers to the Land of Mughal Empires, whose influence was quite important in making the food culture of India what it is today. Indeed, the Mughals had an overwhelming impact on literature, music, painting and architecture and they also revolutionised culinary arts. They combined indigenous traditions with their Persian-influenced culture, refining it to please the eyes as well as the palate.

Well, Maharajah is the Indian word for “King”, to whom – still according to the Mughal tradition - more than 36 dishes were prepared and served daily for both lunch and dinner in order to make him happy. Today, we engage ourself to do the same with our customers.

The second reason is rather personal and concerns the first time Mr. Amandeep Chalal – Maharajah's owner – came to Verona to have a look at the Restaurant. He used to tie his turban daily and everyone who saw him from the street said he was looking like a king, like an Indian Maharajah indeed.

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Indian Cook

Maharajah's menu incorporates both traditional classic favourites as well as original new dishes inspired by the spice-rich Lahori cuisine with an emphasis on refined Indian food.
Get tempted by a great range in variety and quality of Indian grills, seafood, poultry and lamb. Dishes at Maharajah also include large prawns, lamb, duck and many others - each infused with a different marinade.

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